To Louis Prevost, 06 December 1839



 Text from facsimile in unidentified on line catalogue. Address: M. Prevost. Date: just before the move to Devonshire Terrace; CD’s first letter from there is dated 12 Dec (a Thursday), so possibly the Friday before (6 Dec).

Doughty Street

Friday – late at night.

My Dear Sir

I regret that I did not know in sufficient time to-day to write to you, that I could not have my usual pleasant hour with you in the morning. I find, however, that some matters of business connected with our removal from hence, call me from home so early, and will occupy me so long, that I have no alternative but to postpone our reading.2 We have now two or three readings to make up, and I hope we shall soon be able to redeem them. My brother3 shall call on you before Wednesday with our new address. Meantime believe me 

M. Prevost4

Very truly Yours  


  • 1. Louis Augustin Prévost (1790-1858; Dictionary of National Biography), linguist, of 25 New Street, Dorset Square: see Pilgrim Letters 2, p. 461n.
  • 2. i.e. class or study session (as in “reading” a subject at University).
  • 3. Frederic Dickens (1820-68): see Pilgrim Letters 1, p. 47n.
  • 4. i.e. Monsieur Prévost.