To Mr Merewether, 31 January 1839


                                                                                                       To MR MEREWETHER,1

[? JANUARY 1837- 31 JANUARY 1839]

Extract in Clive Farahar & Sophie Dupré catalogue, 1998; MS 1 p.

Date: CD edited Bentley’s Miscellany from Jan 37 to 31 Jan 39.

The Editor of Bentley’s2 Miscellany presents his compts. to Mr. Merewether; and in reply to his note, addressed to the publisher, begs to say that any…

  • 1. Unidentified.
  • 2. Richard Bentley (1794-1871; Dictionary of National Biography), one of the most prominent of Victorian publishers: see Pilgrim Letters 1, p. 164n; for CD’s stormy relationship with him see PIlgrim Letters 1, passim.