To Thomas Mitton, 17 August 1840



MS Lawrence McMillan. Address: Private / Thomas Mitton Esquire / 23 Southampton Buildings. Date: probably the day before To Mitton, 18 Aug and the day before he had intended to go to Broadstairs.

Devonshire Terrace. / Monday

My Dear Mitton.

I find that if I would have a house at Broadstairs, I must go there and get one. With this view I shall start tomorrow morning,a and return next day. Will you run down with me? If so say ‘yes’, and come and sleep here tonighta if you can, and dine at 6 – and stretch a point to do it. Don’t tell Smithsons2 where3 I am going, in case anybody should kindly volunteer to accompany me; but you might say that we have received no satisfactory account of any houses – with Kate’s love to Mrs S.  

Thomas Mitton Esquire.

Faithfully always


With regard to Elliotson4 – your seeing him on Thursday, would do as well as on Tuesday. 

  • 1. Thomas Mitton (1812-78), solicitor, one of CD’s closest friends. He acted as CD’s solicitor for twenty years: see Pilgrim Letters 1, p. 35.
  • 2. The law firm of Smithson, Dunn & Mitton; Charles Smithson (1804-44) had married T. J. Thompson’s sister, Elizabeth, and the Smithsons spent holidays in Broadstairs in 1840.
  • 3. Written above the line.
  • 4. John Elliotson, MD (1791-1868; Dictionary of National Biography), physician and mesmerist; he was CD’s doctor for many years: see Pilgrim Letters 1, p. 461.

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